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Bike Doctor Service Policies

Labor rates are subject to change.

All service is guaranteed for 30 days.

A 50% deposit is required on all department store bicycle repairs exceeding $20.00.

Shop Supply Fee: Any repair with a labor charge of $20.00 or more will have a $5.00 shop supply fee added.

This charge will enable us to have the necessary products to properly service your bicycle. These shop supplies include:

Alcohol, prep pads, Frame Saver treatment, Anti-seize Compound, Mechanic’s gloves, Bearing grease, Mineral oil, Bike polish, No tubes sealant, Brake cleaner, Parts cleaner fluid and disposal, Brake fluid, Rags, Chain lubricant, Shock oil, Cutting fluid, Tools, Degreaser, Touchup paint, and Electrical tape

Lifetime complimentary adjustments included with all Bike Doctor purchased bicycles of original ownership. Service is non-transferable.

Shop Rate $80.00/hr

Minimum Service Charge $5.00

Bicycle Cleaning $25.00 (mandatory on all dirty bicycles)