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Wheels, Tires & Tubes

Remove / Install freewheel $15.00

Remove / Install cassette $15.00

Adjust front hub $10.00

Overhaul front hub $30.00

Adjust rear hub $20.00

Overhaul rear hub $40.00

Install new wheel, tire, and tube $20.00

Install tubeless kit $35.00/per wheel

Install spoke, dish, and tension $40.00

Install tire liner $20.00

Install tube and tire $12.00 (Add $7.99 + tax for tube, if required)

Install tubular $50.00

Remove tubular glue $200.00

True wheel laterally, radially, tension & dish $35.00

True wheel laterally and radially $25.00

Custom wheel build $80.00

Install and/or remove wheel decals $75.00/per hour