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Cervelo C3 Frameset - 2017

The C Series’ more value-conscious endurance model is the perfect fit for serious cyclists looking to get off the asphalt and extend their seasons. The C3’s increased tire clearance, a lower bottom bracket and longer chainstays inspire confidence on mixed surfaces while delivering a longer, more… [more]

Cervelo S3 Frameset - 2017

Thoroughbred meets workhorse It's not easy to improve upon a championship-winning frame by making it stiffer, more aero, and responding to feedback on ride quality. But the S3 achieves all these goals. Cervelo prioritized aerodynamic performance while focusing on a well-balanced, world-class ride.… [more]

Cervelo S3 Disc Frameset - 2017

A workhorse unleashed With improved stiffness, aero performance, handling and control, the S3 Disc frameset combines savage speed with pleasing versatility. A Dropped Downtube enhances frame stiffness while the flattened trailing edge makes bottles an integral part of the bike’s airfoil design.… [more]

Cervelo P3 Frameset - 2017

Redefine your personal boundaries with a triathlon or time-trial bicycle built on Cervelo's P3 Frameset. The engineers at Cervelo spent countless hours in the wind tunnel—testing, shaping, revising, and testing again—before the P3 took its final shape. A thin hourglass head tube, airfoil down tube,… [more]

Cervelo C5 Disc Frameset - 2017

Cervelo’s C5 Frameset is the perfect base for building up your dream endurance road bike. Cervelo's meticulously designed carbon frame delivers exceptional lightness, incredible stiffness, and quick yet predictable, stable handling. The brilliant fork comes from the pioneering Project California… [more]

Cervelo S5 Frameset - 2017

Cervelo's S5 Frameset makes your rear wheel prime real estate, because with this sort of aero advantage at your disposal, everyone on the ride knows who to watch for the breakaway. The S5's head tube, down tube, and fork all meld seamlessly together to create an incredibly aerodynamic leading edge.… [more]

Cervelo T4 Frameset - 2017

Cervelo's T4 unites stealthy aerodynamics with unrelenting stiffness, delivering a frameset for building a bike worthy of bone-crushing sprints and cat-like maneuvering. Cervelo's category-leading TT knowledge is leveraged in this track-specific design, from the headtube to the Extended Seat-tube… [more]

Cervelo P5 Frameset - 2017

The P5 is a superbike engineered for the real world: fast enough for world champions, and simple enough for everyday use. Designed using Formula 1-level CFD software and proven in the wind tunnel, the Cervelo P5 has more elite-level victories since its launch than any other triathlon bike. Due to… [more]

Cervelo RCA Frameset - 2017

The RCA is the pinnacle of the research and development out of Cervelo's Project California facility. Entirely hand-made, the current frameset represents the leading edge of composite material manufacturing and an astute understanding of what makes a truly inspirational ride. The result is a frame… [more]

9 Results